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Supercharge your spreadsheets with Frontly
Frontly turns your regular spreadsheet into a secure, self-serve client portal without the need for any coding or developers.
Google Sheets & Excel Spreadsheets
Review data in a format you're familiar with
Keep your spreadsheet as the single source of truth
Powerful building blocks with no code required
With our pre-built blocks such as Tables, Lists, Forms, and Charts, you can effortlessly create a client portal in just a few minutes without any code. All you have to do is pick a block, choose a spreadsheet, and you're ready to go!
Fast, easy setup
Create, update and delete records
Drag and drop builder
Custom permissions and access levels
Ensure that only certain users have access to view and modify specific data with granular permissions. All data is securely stored in your spreadsheet.
Email & password login for each user
Role-based access permissions
Define advanced rules
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