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What customers are saying
I made lot of no-code apps using Bubble, Glide, Adalo and lot of other no code builders. That's the past! I now use to create ...
Christophe HK
I'm the founder of Lokafy, a startup that connects travellers with locals. I was able to build a team portal on Frontly and handle all th...
Kiran Samra
Frontly is by far my best SaaS investment of 2023. It was already one of the best low-code applications in its class but since my purcha...
Aric Tucker
Great product, fellaz. Love it! ๐Ÿš€
Adrian Steriopol
Frontly is a great tool in the no-code app development space, empowering users to create AI-powered apps with ease. The platform's intuit...
Moon is a fantastic no-code app-builder suitable for users at all levels, providing a seamless experience from beginners to advance...
Uladzimir Karpuk
Congrats on the launch @patrickjkelly5 ๐Ÿš€ What support does Frontly have with regards to complex custom logic, and storing data? Good l...
Jonni Gani
If you compare Frontly with Airtable, what is the advantage? In my personal opinion, Airtable has many advances, the UI is more logical ...
Patrick, congratulations on your launch! I believe that with Frontly it will be so much easier to check product hypotheses before investi...
Anastasiia Stepko
Frontly redefines the no-code app development landscape with its AI-powered capabilities, making it easier than ever to create and deploy...
Wei Jun
I'm a business owner and I've been using this amazing software for a few months now. It's pretty much running most of my company's intern...
Nikolai Cevallos
Frontly is the most user-friendly no-code app development platform I have ever used, and I have used a lot. In no time, you can build a f...
Mohamad Yassine
Saving your own custom (no-code) blocks is what has me sold on Frontly! Generating the blocks themselves with AI is even cooler. Way to...
Daniel Leeman
highly recommended --> --> extremely powerful ai-no-code app builder --> backend and front end excellence --> successful busin...
Marc Heeschen
I am a newcomer to Frontly and only just starting to learn how to use the platform. I am not experienced in the use of spreadsheet's so ...
Nigel Aslett
Patrick Kelly is on point! Watching the development over the last 2 months has been impressive. Frontly AI is an app I havenโ€™t been able ...
Angry Branding
Amazing software!!! Really enjoying how fast they deliver and their customer support is amazing
Fausto Bravo Cuvi
I do not know anything about coding, do not really care to know but then to create my own app with Google Sheets keeping my data safe is ...
Pieter du Plessis
Impressive! Perfect for teams needing custom dashboards fast. Well done Team! ๐Ÿ™Œ
I work in a small software development company. I have tested a ton of software over the years, but nothing really compares to Frontly. M...
Tom-Greger Knutsen
Congrats on the launch! How customizable are the AI-powered tools for specific business needs?
William Jin
Two words to describe Frontly - impressive and powerful! Congrats on the launch.
Henry Habib
Glide alternative with the best community <3 +2 App productions +/- 100 applications created with my student it ships features at incre...
titouan albouy
I've been using Frontly since September 2023, and itโ€™s the best money Iโ€™ve ever spent on a no-code solution. With its frequent updates an...
Kent Robin Hessellund Pedersen
Well, where should I start? Maybe let's start with the end in mind: If you want to create powerful apps and either don't have the coding ...
Juan Martin Sanguinetti
Nice, I will try it when I am doing an MVP for my next project
Borey Washington
As someone who values efficiency, the drag-and-drop interface and AI-generated app features are a dream come true. Itโ€™s perfect for creat...
Daksh Tyagi
I have build a number of web apps in Frontly now. Dead simple to build and users assume a lot more effort has gone into them than actuall...
Way to go, @patrickjkelly5 ๐Ÿ‘ Congrats on the PH launch and on the powerful solution you have been building! It's been great to be a part ...
Dobromir Dikov
A very simple and powerfull app builder for Non-Coders. And best thing is it uses Google Sheet as Database whice opens unlimited posiblities
Nitin Goyal
Frontly is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build powerful web apps without writing a single line of code. Its intuitive drag-an...
Dima Khort
Great!๐Ÿ‘ I like webhooks, can be connected with external data to complete many workflows.
Congrats on the launch, Great product, Love it! ๐Ÿš€
Cobra33 Slot Gacor
Congrats on launch! I like stuff like this product because they are easy to use and offer a lot of options. The functionality that allows...
Anton Reznik
Building custom layouts with simple prompts saves so much time. Kudos on the launch, Patrick!
Thet Lin Thu
Congrats on launching Frontly....
Toshit Garg
I've been using Frontly for a while now. Very happy with it and I believe in the developers and their vision. Congrats to you
Peter Reiner
Hey @patrickjkelly5 , Congrats on creating an inspiring product. Good luck with the launch!
Vladyslav Presnov
Really great tool and amazing community. Good combination of ease of use and powerful features. Excited to see where this will go, but I ...
Alexander Fernandes
I can not recommend this platform highly enough. Frontly is extremely flexible and receives constant well-thought-out updates. It has a v...
Michael R Onthank
Love the progress on this, can't wait to see what's next and can't wait to pair it with Comnoco as a powerful backend giving access to an...
Stuart Malt
Really love this tool. Glad I got in early. Patrick and the team are great support and always helpful. This tool is growing rapidly. Cons...
Solar Bang
No need to ask anything, the Frontly Discord channel has got it covered. Just wanted to give a shoutout to Patrik, the awesome leader of ...
Zaki Khalifa
Patrick and team, congratulations on your launch! Using Frontly has been a game-changer for me! The platform allows me to create apps exa...
Marcos Paim
Awesome Patrick! You're bringing the game beyond the boundaries. Really impressed by Frontly! Being able to build, launch and validate i...
Germรกn Merlo
This looks like a game-changer for anyone who has great SaaS ideas but lacks the coding skills to bring them to life. The ability to buil...
Abdullah Zahid
I have been using Frontly for quite some time now, and I can wholeheartedly vouch for both the tool and the team. Patrick and his team ha...
Zuber Rahim
It's exciting to see a no-code platform that empowers users to build sophisticated apps with the power of AI. Building a thriving communi...
Franklin Mayoyo
Frontly looks awesome for quickly launching AI-powered SaaS apps without any coding. The drag-and-drop interface and modern layouts are i...
Oleksandra Vasiukhnyk
Frontly is an absolute game-changer for anyone looking to build powerful apps effortlessly. I use to build personal apps and...
Kartik Iyer
Frontly: fantastic app builder. We're using to build client portals after working with other solutions for some time. The Frontly team's ...
Lucas Hilty (The Dock)
I use Frontly and I can tell you that man it is AMAZING!!! You gotta jump in before its too late! You can make money from this! Trust m...
Moein Salehi
Frontly is great and constantly getting better! Glad to see you guys here on Product Hunt.
Ship fast, ship more! Avoid writing code yourself unless absolutely necessary. Let Frontly help us build the product!
Frontly is an incredible, powerful tool. Patrick and his team are one of the most dedicated, responsive and skilled development teams Iโ€™v...
It's impressive that you've harnessed the power of AI to make app development more accessible. The AI Generator sounds like a game-change...
Alex Dulub
As a Product Hunt enthusiast, I'm thrilled to see a no-code platform that makes AI-powered SaaS development accessible. How easy is it to...
Viswanatha Reddy
In the AI era, super-individuals' emergence relies heavily on the evolution of no-code tools. I'm glad to see Frontly launched, and I'll ...
Very good idea. Anything that makes development more accessible is excellent.
Seth Parisi
Frontly looks like a fantastic tool for building SaaS apps without coding. Excited to see how it streamlines app development and enhances...
Manick Bhan
Patrick is the GOAT! I have been using Frontly for a while now and where it's at today (thanks to all the updates) makes it the premier n...
Congrats on your launch! @patrickjkelly5 I am very interested in using Frontly and would like to know if it also includes built-in BI tra...
Elaine Lu
I've been using Frontly for the better part of 18 months or so now, and it is beyond everything you can think of! Everytime I login, the...
Derick Briers
Love how intuitive and easy it is to build apps with Frontly. This team has consistently amazed me with their shipping speed. The product...
Deep Singh
This opens up so many more possibilities! Harnessing the power of AI to make web development more accessible and will undoubtedly create ...
Selly Park
I found Frontly a year or more ago. I thought it was a paradigm shift and well done. The learning curve was a little steep, and though do...
Will Dhana
When I was building our internal tools at Hiive, I looked at a few incumbents in the market, and they definitely lag behind on AI powered...
Tony Han
No-Code got even more interesting. Amazing product.
Katt Risen
I am thrilled to see your AI-powered no-code SaaS app and internal tools builder... Wishing Frontly great success
Kevin Ckl
I'm really impressed with Frontly's capabilities. It's fantastic to see how the platform supports dynamic page management with multi-step...
Lenny Miranda
Glad to see more of AI in improvement of SAAS. Congrats to the team.
Alamu Maleek
I really love the Frontly Team!!! I am sure they will continue delivering great value to its users and fans !!
Fausto Bravo Cuvi
I LOVE Frontly. This is honestly the most amazing tool built by such genuine and forward thinking people. This is my #1 recommended tool ...
Kyle Behrend
Woohoo! Congratulations team Frontly. I've been using Frontly for 3 months now and as a complete beginner I've been able to learn quick...
Kay Potter
Have you ever dreamt of building an app but lacked the coding skills to make it a reality? Frontly is here to turn those dreams into code...
Pablo Perales
Just tried out Frontly for building a quick internal tool and I'm seriously impressed! The no-code AI integration was a breeze to set up,...
Sophia Wang
Lovely product! As a product manager, I've been eagerly anticipating the Drag-and-Drop UI Functionality and Multi-Element Dragging featur...
Allen shih
Frontly looks like a powerful tool for rapidly building AI-powered apps without coding. I'm curious, how well does it handle complex data...
Alexandr Muravev
The integration with Supabase and Google Sheets as data sources is a smart move, providing users with scalable backend options and the ab...
This is definitely a much needed tool.
Eric Cheng
Congratulations on the launch of Frontly! ๐Ÿš€ Your vision of making app development faster and more accessible with no code and AI is remar...
Sanja Micic
hey patric kelly,congrats on your launch i guess this will also be a great one for new starters trying to learn on building apps and grow...
Alexander Okonji
Simple to use product, highly innovative, consistent updates, super awesome community of members and the best bit - amazing founders and ...
Ankit S J B Rana
Frontly seems to be an outstanding tool for creating AI-powered SaaS applications.
Ali Naqi Shaheen
I love the fact that Frontly is improving day-by-day as a No-Code AI Tool.
Kapil Arora
Congratulations to the Frontly team on the successful launch on Product Hunt! Excited to see the impact you'll make in the web developmen...
Dima Romanyuk
All the best with the launch @patrickjkelly5 I have enjoyed exploring the capabilities the Frontly platform. This is the first app make...
Matt Scott
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